Dear Reader,

One might expect that a story involving a magic academy should be quite wondrous and magnificent. The campus buildings should be riddled with secret rooms and passageways. The academic culture should have customs and rules just peculiar enough to make you wish that you could enroll there yourself. There should be professors giving whimsical lectures on magical materials and otherworldly species, as well as inquisitive students who regularly sneak off to unravel the academy’s dark mysteries of which they are continuously denied authority to investigate.

One might expect those things in a magic academy story, but though it may cause displeasure, I feel compelled to tell you that this magic academy story is not concerned about any of those things. In this story, besides the fantastic applications of magic you may see characters use, the rest of their world is quite normal and familiar.

Our main heroine is not suddenly thrust into this magical new world. Rather, she was born there and is perfectly accustomed to a society that revolves itself around the use of simple magics. She is, however, not without dreams, and not without struggles to achieve them.

This story will not be about how she was the wallflower new-girl who became the object of every brooding, handsome boy’s affection. Nor will it be about how she was, to her ignorance, the perfect person to resolve a crisis that threatened everyone’s way of life. She will remain ignorant, however, but such is expected from a kid her age.

Truthfully, what this story is about, is a girl who enters a tournament, and that is all that should be divulged here.

I cannot say if you will enjoy it. I cannot say it will be memorable. I cannot even say it will be particularly well written; but know that it is my goal to make it something that inspires you.

Lastly, it will please you to know that this cocky, self-important narrative tone will be kept far away from the remainder of the story.

Having said all of that, please enjoy this amateur author’s story, titled:
The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy

David Daulton