Chapter 5: A Plea for Help

“C’mon, we’re gonna be late!” Rosseau announced, glancing quickly over his shoulder towards the girl lagging further down the hallway.“

“I can’t get the stupid book back in my bag!” Lucy whined, fighting the enormous sandwich of pages as it tried to tip out of her bag, onto the floor. “Why are these things so BIG!?”

Chapter 4: Second Impressions

Lucy awoke with a yawn—rubbing her eyes to get rid of the morning blurriness that always came with waking up. Sitting up in her bed, she looked beside her to the the other one across the room. It was empty, and its sheets were in a messy bunch near its foot—a sign that her roommate had hastily left early yet again.

Chapter 3: The Boy in the Library

Lucy ran aimlessly down the halls of the main building, keeping her head low so as to hide her eyes from anyone who might see her. Though, of course, no one was present at the moment. Another period of classes had begun, and the halls were empty. Lucy was alone.

Chapter 2: Mean Girl

It was cold, which was to be expected considering that the entirety of the campus grounds was located on a high plateau, in the midst of the continent’s largest mountain range. It also didn’t help that winter had only ended just last week, though many of the students were quite disappointed that there wouldn’t be anymore snow falling every other day as it had been for the last two months. Now, instead of being coated with a layer of beautiful, powdered snow, the ground was simply wet, which only made it slightly less dangerous for Lucy and Rosseau to be cantering down the steps leading from the Headmaster’s Court.