Chapter 11: Playing Dirty

“Oh, looks like she was able to cast it after all,” Nora said, sounding amused.

“Don’t change the subject!” Rosseau yelled. “What did you mean before about Lucy being expelled!? Is that really going to happen if she loses!?”

Rosseau looked irate and attempted to grab Nora’s shoulder to make her face him. Dominic dashed between them, however, and wrestled Rosseau to the ground, subduing him painfully by the arm.

“Hmph. Dom’ may not be as skilled with a sword as you, but he’s quite good at things like this,” Nora said, snuggling up to Dominic to caress his face. “Anyways, it’s quite true. I overheard her mention it herself.”

Chapter 10: The Sorcerer’s Knight

“You are going to leave your current team and accept Miss Straughtvern’s kind invitation to join hers.” Rosseau stood at the end of the table, his mouth agape as he listened to his mother’s words. Only a minute ago he had stepped off the carriage home—filled with...

Chapter 8: Barriers and Barriers

“That’s it, maintain control!” Cedric ordered, intently watching while Lucy approached the final channeling step of the charm. He had to shield his eyes from the dust and grass that was violently thrown by the torrent of wind surrounding the girl. It wasn’t...

Chapter 7: Lessons in Charms

It was Thursday afternoon, or exactly forty-eight hours until Lucy’s match with Nora. Under normal circumstances, the lunch bell would have served as a grim reminder of this to Lucy, but today the bell meant something else. Today it meant that she would finally get be...