Chapter 8: Barriers and Barriers

“That’s it, maintain control!” Cedric ordered, intently watching while Lucy approached the final channeling step of the charm. He had to shield his eyes from the dust and grass that was violently thrown by the torrent of wind surrounding the girl. It wasn’t...

Chapter 7: Lessons in Charms

It was Thursday afternoon, or exactly forty-eight hours until Lucy’s match with Nora. Under normal circumstances, the lunch bell would have served as a grim reminder of this to Lucy, but today the bell meant something else. Today it meant that she would finally get be...

Chapter 6: Cursed Title

Lucy took a step backwards, accidentally bumping into the table behind her. She barely noticed, however, as her sole focus was on Cedric—his same cold glare, which she had become indifferent to, now put fear into her. Magicless. The word sent a shiver through...

Chapter 5: A Plea for Help

“C’mon, we’re gonna be late!” Rosseau announced, glancing quickly over his shoulder towards the girl lagging further down the hallway.“

“I can’t get the stupid book back in my bag!” Lucy whined, fighting the enormous sandwich of pages as it tried to tip out of her bag, onto the floor. “Why are these things so BIG!?”

Chapter 4: Second Impressions

Lucy awoke with a yawn—rubbing her eyes to get rid of the morning blurriness that always came with waking up. Sitting up in her bed, she looked beside her to the the other one across the room. It was empty, and its sheets were in a messy bunch near its foot—a sign that her roommate had hastily left early yet again.