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Chapter 15: Reckless Reasoning

“Assaut Magnifique. Match Set. Lucy Hardtvelt.” Lucy fell to her knees, and her eyes felt hot as she stared at the scoreboard. Her mind didn’t believe it. It was impossible to conceive. But a second later the board changed with a flash to reflect the final score and...

Chapter 14: The Resolve to Fight

For the final time, the pillars of light vanished to reveal everyone in their starting positions. Nora was back to her old self, smiling arrogantly, while Dominic carried his usual air of indifference. “It isn’t a chance to lose everything you love. It’s a chance to...

Chapter 13: A Chance to Save Everything

A trickle of sweat ran down the side of Lucy’s face and past her thrilled smile. A moment ago it felt like her heart was going to explode from staring down Nora’s attack, but now that fear had transformed to excitement. All of Nora’s icicles had stopped dead in the...

Chapter 12: Turning Point

The rest period was still underway, having been extended to ten minutes after Cedric used one of their two extension requests, and now each team was busy preparing for the next round.

Every now and then Nora threw a glance over to Lucy’s side, fantasizing about how broken and discouraged she must feel.

The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy. What a wonderful weapon Nora’s upperclassman had given her. It made these past two months of flirting and flattering them well worth the trouble—especially after she was able to convince them that Lucy should be their target this year.

Chapter 11: Playing Dirty

“Oh, looks like she was able to cast it after all,” Nora said, sounding amused.

“Don’t change the subject!” Rosseau yelled. “What did you mean before about Lucy being expelled!? Is that really going to happen if she loses!?”

Rosseau looked irate and attempted to grab Nora’s shoulder to make her face him. Dominic dashed between them, however, and wrestled Rosseau to the ground, subduing him painfully by the arm.

“Hmph. Dom’ may not be as skilled with a sword as you, but he’s quite good at things like this,” Nora said, snuggling up to Dominic to caress his face. “Anyways, it’s quite true. I overheard her mention it herself.”

Chapter 10: The Sorcerer’s Knight

“You are going to leave your current team and accept Miss Straughtvern’s kind invitation to join hers.” Rosseau stood at the end of the table, his mouth agape as he listened to his mother’s words. Only a minute ago he had stepped off the carriage home—filled with...

Chapter 8: Barriers and Barriers

“That’s it, maintain control!” Cedric ordered, intently watching while Lucy approached the final channeling step of the charm. He had to shield his eyes from the dust and grass that was violently thrown by the torrent of wind surrounding the girl. It wasn’t...

Chapter 7: Lessons in Charms

It was Thursday afternoon, or exactly forty-eight hours until Lucy’s match with Nora. Under normal circumstances, the lunch bell would have served as a grim reminder of this to Lucy, but today the bell meant something else. Today it meant that she would finally get be...

Chapter 6: Cursed Title

Lucy took a step backwards, accidentally bumping into the table behind her. She barely noticed, however, as her sole focus was on Cedric—his same cold glare, which she had become indifferent to, now put fear into her. Magicless. The word sent a shiver through Lucy's...

Chapter 5: A Plea for Help

“C’mon, we’re gonna be late!” Rosseau announced, glancing quickly over his shoulder towards the girl lagging further down the hallway.“

“I can’t get the stupid book back in my bag!” Lucy whined, fighting the enormous sandwich of pages as it tried to tip out of her bag, onto the floor. “Why are these things so BIG!?”

Chapter 4: Second Impressions

Lucy awoke with a yawn—rubbing her eyes to get rid of the morning blurriness that always came with waking up. Sitting up in her bed, she looked beside her to the the other one across the room. It was empty, and its sheets were in a messy bunch near its foot—a sign that her roommate had hastily left early yet again.

Chapter 3: The Boy in the Library

Lucy ran aimlessly down the halls of the main building, keeping her head low so as to hide her eyes from anyone who might see her. Though, of course, no one was present at the moment. Another period of classes had begun, and the halls were empty. Lucy was alone.

Chapter 2: Mean Girl

It was cold, which was to be expected considering that the entirety of the campus grounds was located on a high plateau, in the midst of the continent’s largest mountain range. It also didn’t help that winter had only ended just last week, though many of the students were quite disappointed that there wouldn’t be anymore snow falling every other day as it had been for the last two months. Now, instead of being coated with a layer of beautiful, powdered snow, the ground was simply wet, which only made it slightly less dangerous for Lucy and Rosseau to be cantering down the steps leading from the Headmaster’s Court.

Chapter 1: Her Name Is…

“LUCY HARDTVELT!” A voice boomed from the head of the enormous room, where an aged man with a beard sat behind an unnecessarily tall court bench. With fervor, he punctuated his shout with the hard slam of his fist to the bench, causing the decorated nameplate that read Headmaster Falk to topple over.

Dear Reader: A Preface

Dear Reader, One might expect that a story involving a magic academy should be quite wondrous and magnificent. The campus buildings should be riddled with secret rooms and passageways. The academic culture should have customs and rules just peculiar enough to make you...